Artist’s Statement

New Series:  Geom Color Vector Series:
This new series is concerned with light illumination on moving shapes as seen through cut out sections of the frame. The light and shapes create a spatial context where both light and shadow interplay. As the illuminated colors change and the shapes move, I hope one’s perception of light and shape and movement is enhanced and one can find new meaning and relationships with light--which we often overlook....

The Indian River Series has been going on for several years while I worked a full time corporate engineering job. Because of my engineering drawing classes in college, I have always felt inspiration in straight lines, clearly defined abstract shapes, color and sectional space, including three dimensional space.  It looks like I owe a debt to the minimalists and the California fetish finish group and to Frank Stella.

The Indian River Series consists of designs in a series built in 3 different dimensions: 1x and 2x and 4x.

My take on art spacial issues: 
There are also to be considered literal space, depicted space, three dimensional space and two dimensional space, including 4th dimensional space, and space as we see it, and even all the scientific equipment visual versions of the electromagnetic spectrum, from infrared to light to x-rays to gamma rays, etc. And there are the main other human spaces as well, including our visional recessional space and protruding space, also very much including inner space and the spiritual and cosmic and psychological and mystic spaces.

Major Art Influences:  The major influences on my art have been Wassily Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock, Frank Stella, the Minimalists and the Constructivists; and now James Turrell and Robert Irwin, and the California Light and Color art movement.  And, well, many others.

1984: Group Show: “Into the Night” at Nexus Gallery-Atlanta--Electronic Tapestries: Lisa Kent-tapestries, Carl Rainey-electronics 
1983;  One Person Show: Valdosta State College: Electronic Tapestries: Lisa Kent-tapestries, Carl Rainey-electronics 
1976: Georgia Institute of Technology: paintings-Student Center show;
1972: Paintings-Represented by Gallery Illien, Atlanta, Ga.;
1972: Urban Walls finalist: 1of 15 of 200. Works of 15 in group show at High Museum.

John Portman and Associates; Georgia Tech Student Center; Various Collections

Georgia Institute of Technology: 1965-1969 with engineering drawing and graphics classes.   And non credit night courses at the Atlanta College of Art on painting and drawing 1968-1970.  And travel to US and European museums and galleries.

2009-retired with more time to do art.

1980-2009 Electrical Engineer at Scientific Atlanta (now Cisco Systems)--
29-1/2 years.  Worked part time as artist during this time. 

1967: I had an unexpected fairly serious surgery after 2 years of college and I started to paint in my recovery. In the recovery period I began to really like painting. I finally did some good work through from 1968 through 1972. Then I sold a batch of paintings, struggled for a few years and then got into Corporate America. I stayed there to make a living and to support my family and art interests, the art interests mostly on weeknights and weekends.

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